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Anna McKee

Anna McKee
US Geological Survey
1770 Corporate Drive Suite 500
Norcross, GA 30093
Phone: 678-924-6671
Email: [email protected]

►Multi Species Panel Development
►DNA Marker Development
►Protocol Development
►Sample Processing
►Expert Input

• Flatwoods Salamanders – Frosted and Reticulated (Ambystoma cingulatum and A. bishopi)
• Georgia Blind Salamander (Haideotriton wallacei)
• Gopher Frog (Lithobates capito)
• Striped Newt (Notophthalmus perstriatus)

• Dougherty Plain cave crayfish (Cambarus cryptodytes)

With which agencies have you partnered with on eDNA applications?
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Georgia Department of Natural Resources
The Orianne Society
The San Antonio Zoo
University of Idaho University of Georgia